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CaaS–platform for brands to store and manage product content

Caaspi is a content management and distribution platform designed to help brands efficiently own, share, track and syndicate their digital content online.

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How it works?


Create. Edit. Collaborate.

Caaspi Dashboard - a single entry point for all of the data related to your products.


Distribute globally

Turn your product content into a subscribable feed to make sure your partners' storefronts are always current.


Understand tha data

We aggregate the tracking events to give you insights on how to make your content more engaging.


Listen to buyers

Every time a customer visits a product page on your seller's website, Caaspi is receiving a tracking event.

Support your sellers

Upload product content
Share across sellers
Monitor user behavior

Caaspi for brands

Save time and money

You no longer have to process every request from merchants manually to share relevant product content. Sellers who are connected to Caaspi will receive the content they need automatically.

Data protection

Product content on Caaspi is distributed by subscription. If you find that the seller is using the content in violation, you will be able to disable the display on their site.

Detailed analytics

Arm yourself with data on how shoppers interact with your product content to grow your marketing to the next level.

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Caaspi for sellers

Easy integration

Caaspi offers integrations with all modern eCommerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Open Cart. It only takes one click for sellers to start selling your products on their site.

Always relevant content

Sellers connected to Caaspi always receive up-to-date eCommerce content directly from the brand: images, descriptions, specs in any language they need.


Caaspi makes it easy for vendors to sell your products while being compliant with the local market regulations and without worrying about the danger of copyright infringement


Is Caaspi a marketplace

No. Caaspi is a platform that allows brands to manage their content across multiple channels in a centralized place.

How much does it cost?

Caaspi is free for sellers. The price for the brand customers varies depending on the size of their catalog and the number of sellers.

Caaspi Analytics: what do I get?

Caaspi gives brands detailed insights into how their content is performing and where it's represented. You get tips on how to improve your engagement and conversion rate.

Who can access my content?

You can make your product content public and available for anyone or you can restrict the access making it available on request.

How Caaspi approaches content management?

Caaspi is offering multi-party collaborative editing, versioning, protected areas. Also, we support integrations with a number of existing ERPs and CRMs.

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